Sussex Crown Defenders

LOL No. 848

Formed 5th August 2017


Loyal Orange Institution of England

"The Protestant Religion and Liberties of England I will maintain" - William III

Dates for the diary......


Calendar of Major Events in the Province - 2018:



  • Thursday 12th July 2018 - Battle of the Boyne Annual celebrations - Various loctions in UK.- LOL 848 Shall be on parade in Liverpool/Southport, Belfast & Castlederg


  • Saturday 5th August 2018 - Installation of Officers by Deputy Grand Master of England- Hosted by LOLl848 Shoreham British Legion


  • Sat 1st Sept: King William III LOL 11, Social evening, Portsmouth, Hampshire


  • Sun 2nd Sept: King William III LOL 11, Annual Parade, Portsmouth, Hampshire


  • Sun 30th Sept: Oxford Martyrs Memorial LOL 213, Annual Service with Bedford & Luton Lodges, Salford, Bedfordshire (To be confirmed