Sussex Crown Defenders

LOL No. 848

Formed 5th August 2017


Loyal Orange Institution of England

"The Protestant Religion and Liberties of England I will maintain" - William III


Most Worshipful Brother David Catt



David Catt was born in 1860 in Warbleton in the County of Sussex., He joined the Orange Order while in his mid- twenties, and as also Secretary of the Calvinistic Protestant Union, who circulated a vast number of bibles, scripture texts and tracts.

Brother Catt was believed to have founded 23 lodges in addition to the North East London District No 86 & of course our very own Sussex District No 88 which is still in existence to this day!

His son also named David went on to become a minister in the Reformed Episcopal Church as well as an Orangeman and sadly died at the tender age of 33 in 1918 and had subsequent lodges named in his memory.


Brother Catt went on to become The Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master in 1924 and gained election to the most Worshipful Grand Master of England in 1932.


after many years’ service to the orange order and upholding its values and promoting its Christianity throughout the word Brother Catt passed away on the 16th March 1944.