Sussex District

LOL No. 88

Formed 24th August 1895


Loyal Orange Institution of England

"The Protestant Religion and Liberties of England I will maintain" - William III


Sussex Crown Defenders LOL No. 848


Formed on the 5th August 2017 Loyal Orange Lodge 848

are a young,vibrant,energetic and enthusiastic lodge based in

Shoreham West Sussex, who meet on the first Saturday

of each month. Our growing brethren membership boast

brothers from England, Scotland and Ulster

(just missing a welsh brother!). Our aim is to further

widen the footprint of orangism in the South of

England and beyond, as well as lending our

support to local charities in the Sussex and

surrounding home counties using our brethren’s

collective skills and backgrounds across defence,

finance, retail workers, public sector, construction,

legal professions, students and local government.

We encourage healthy debate about how to express

and promote the Orange Order in the light it deserves

and out of the media spotlight as well as how we can help in the Sussex community. We also attend and organise remembrance services in conjunction with Ulster lodges, such as recent Seaford remembrance events to remember those that left but never returned to the shores of Sussex during the two great wars, and other church services across the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Belgium.



The History of Sussex Crown Defenders LOL No 848...



"We wunt be druv" features prominently on the lodges crest and regalia. it is the unofficial county motto of Sussex in southern England. It is a Sussex dialect phrase meaning "we will not be driven". The motto asserts that people from the English county of Sussex have minds of their own, and cannot be forced against their will or told what to do. The original LOL 848 was assigned to “Sussex Martyrs” and was founded sometime between 1910 and 1915. It met in The Mission Church on New England Road in Brighton. By 1920 it had moved to St John’s Church Room in Hove, after the great wars it began to disband and has now been re-issued to the Sussex Crown Defenders in West Sussex to continue the rich history of warrant 848.


If you would like to know more about either lodge or enquire about joining/transferring then please use the contact page and one of our Brethren will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Sussex Crown Defenders LOL No. 848...