What's it all about?



Sussex Crown Defenders

                  LOL No. 848 


Formed 5th August 2017

Loyal Orange Institution of England

"The Protestant Religion and Liberties of England I will maintain" - William III   

Sussex Crown Defenders LOL No. 848

  What does it all mean?

The Loyal Orange Institution is a worldwide Protestant fraternity, originally founded as the Orange Society in 1688 and firmly based in the Scriptural Truths and the propagation of the Christian Reformed Faith.

Although to the general public, we seem to appear as a marching organisation, in reality for those involved there is much more.

The basic unit of the LOI is the private lodge, which builds a pyramid structure. Each private lodge has a unique name and number, usually meeting every month, in the cities, towns, and villages of England.

At a Private lodge level the Institution provides:




4.Bible Teaching

5.Charitable Outreach opportunities

6.Various patriotic activities

7.Religious services.

What is an Orangeman?

An Orangeman is a member of the Orange institution and conforms to the Qualifications of an Orangeman.

An Orangeman is :-

•A Professing Christian...

He follows the Golden Rule in all his personal and business affairs.

•A Protestant...

He upholds the great Protestant principle of freedom of conscience for all people.

•A Good Citizen...

He is law-abiding. He respects and observes all laws.

•A Good Neighbour...

He is concerned with the welfare of man.

•Generous and Charitable...

He is generous not only with his worldly goods, but also with his time, his thoughts, and his deeds.

•A Leader...

He prepares himself for the responsibilities of leadership.

•Informed and Vigilant...

He is aware and respective to events and issues around him.

•A Loving and Responsible Parent...

He accepts total responsibility for the support, health, and education of his children.

•Honours and Glories in his Heritage...

He accepts his origins as part of himself, and he sees himself as an extension of his forefathers.

•A Gentleman...

He respects the sanctity of women and defends their rights.

•A Brother...

He practices the highest level of fraternalism in the tradition of his lodge

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